Renting A Vacation Rental From SF Shannon

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Vacation Rental Policies

Unregistered overnight guests are not permitted. Parties, receptions, or gatherings of any number of guests in addition to registered guests are not permitted without the written consent of an authorized representative of S.F. Shannon.

Smoking is not allowed in our apartments, guest accommodations or anywhere else on the premises of any of our apartment buildings. This is a 10-year-old policy. Our business is more than 50 years old. Some of our year-round residents have been with us that long! If they are smokers, we have not and will not ask them to move, provided they do not smoke in their apartments or anywhere else in the building, including public hallways, lobbies, and fire escapes. Violators of this policy will be kindly asked to move.

We no longer allow pets in any of our vacation rentals.

Payment Schedule

Please note: This payment schedule does not apply to guests reserving through Airbnb’s platform. Guests who reserve through Airbnb pay on its platform.

Upon booking more than 7 days in advance, I understand I will be charged a $50 down payment to hold my reservation. I will be charged the remainder of the balance 7 days before my arrival.

Upon booking less than 7 days in advance, I understand I will be charged my rental payment in full.

I understand that, in lieu of a security deposit, a $49 automatic damage waiver is included in my total. (Full details below about automatic damage waiver.)

Cancellation Policy

If my reservation is canceled, I understand that I will receive a refund in accordance with the schedule below:

- Full refund with 8 days or more notice

- Within 7 days of arrival, cancellations are subject to a $50 processing fee

- Guests who cancel within 48 hours of their arrival date are subject to a $100 processing fee

- Mid-stay cancellations: With 48 hours' notice, SF Shannon will refund unused days


By submitting this reservation, I and all others in my party agree to adhere to the following conditions:

I understand that smoking is strictly prohibited in all guest accommodations, the Center on Vandeventer, and in all common areas of all buildings.

I understand that parties, receptions or any other gatherings of people in addition to registered guests is prohibited in all apartment rentals, unless I have the written consent of an employee or authorized representative of SF Shannon.

I agree to leave my apartment or the Center on Vandeventer in move-in condition upon departure. “Move-In Condition” includes:

✔ Vacating with normal cleaning and laundry

✔ Washing and putting away all dishes, pots and pans

✔ Removing all perishable and opened packages of food from the refrigerator, freezer and cupboards

✔ Removing trash and recycling

✔ All furnishings are in (or returned to) their original location

✔ Keeping appliances clean

✔ Returning all keys, remote controls and garage door openers

Automatic Damage Waiver

By submitting this reservation, I understand that I am paying an automatic damage waiver as part of my overall reservation.

I understand that this nominal fee is non-refundable and will cover reported accidental or inadvertent damages. I agree to promptly report any accidental or inadvertent damages to SF Shannon within 24 hours.

I understand that the automatic damage waiver becomes void upon my departure. I understand that any unreported damage found by SF Shannon upon my departure will become my sole responsibility.

I understand that intentional damage, theft or gross negligence is not covered, and will result in additional charges.

Thank You! We know that you have many lodging choices. We deeply appreciate your choice of an SF Shannon apartment for your St. Louis accommodations.

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